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How do I change the Sales Tax item on a transaction in QuickBooks Desktop


You are trying to change the Sales Tax Item from AvaTax used on an transaction in QuickBooks Desktop



AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop Desktop




Method 1: Change individual customers

  • Select Customers > Customer Center
  • Double click on the customer you want to change
  • From the customer card, click Sales Tax Settings
  • On the Tax Item drop down menu select the desired Sales Tax item

Method 2: Change multiple customers through list management

  • Select Lists > Add/Edit Multiple List Entries
  • Click Customize Columns
  • On Available Columns select Tax Item
  • Click Add > 
  • Click OK
  • Navigate to the Tax Item field and then select the desired Sales Tax item from the drop down for each customer*
  • When completed click Save Changes

*If you are using the same Sales Tax item for all customers you can set the first line and then right click then select Copy Down to populate all rows under the Tax Item column 




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