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How do I calculate tax on imported invoices in QuickBooks?


You import or manually add invoices in Quickbooks and needs to have AvaTax calculate the taxes.




There are only two ways to calculate taxes in Quickbooks for this situation.


1. Turn on Automatic Tax Calculation in the Quickbooks configuration and AvaTax will calculate the tax on invoices as the file is uploaded. Due to the amount and speed of the upload, some invoices may be missed. To avoid this, they can use the below option.

2. Turn off Automatic Tax Calculation in Quickbooks and do the upload or manual add of invoices. Then in Quickbooks go to File > AvaTax > Utilities. 

  • Select View Pending Transactions.
  • Select All Documents or filter by date, document type, or state.
  • Select Show Error List.
  • Click on the Calculate All button to calculate sales tax on the invoices on the list.

Recommend that customer either wait and have it process during a lunch hour or at the end of the day.
AvaTax can accommodate large files so if processing very large files, it's recommended to wait and run them overnight.


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