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How do I add/edit the Avatax sales tax item in Quickbooks


Sales Tax items in QuickBooks are part of the native functionality in determining what sales tax rate to charge, and how the charge should be dispersed to the jurisdictions.


During installation the AVATAX sales tax item will be populated in the sales tax item list. If for whatever reason that sales tax item has been deleted or modified the following will lead you to the location where you may add the sales tax item AVATAX.




  • Edit > Preferences > Company Preferences > Sales Tax.

The Creation of a new sales tax item can be done through this screen by selecting the 'Add Sales Tax Item' button

  • When creating an AVATAX item you will want to use the following settings:
    • Type must be set to “Sales Tax Item,”
    • Description set to “sales Tax,”
    • vendor selected must be set to Avalara.





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