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How can I remove the "Select this as a transaction's tax to use AvaTax" line in QuickBooks invoices?


You are trying to remove the line that Avatax is putting on the invoice now in QuickBooks


Avalara AvaTax



  • This can be removed by doing the following:
    • In QuickBooks click Items and search for the item that has the description "Select this as a transaction's tax to use AvaTax"
    • Edit that item and remove the description entirely > Save
    • ​New invoices will not show that line
    • For existing invoices, you must re-select AVATAX to update the description, once saved you will no longer see this description as part of the line item on your invoices.
  • Unfortunately, the 0.00% and $0.0 values found within the Price Each and Amount columns cannot be removed. This value is present due to QuickBooks native logic.