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Can you make a transaction for sales tax only with no line items in QuickBooks?


I would like to make a transaction via QuickBooks for sales tax only with no line items.


 Avalara Avatax


  • It is not possible to have a transaction calculate sales tax via QuickBooks with no line items in it.
    • ​You can use a taxable line and a nontaxable line with the same amount as a negative value and you will see only tax on the invoice in QuickBooks, then manually adjust the Admin Console
      • Example transaction with 5% rate: ​Line 1 $200 TAX and Line 2 -$200 NON = $0 sale with tax of $10.00 in tax
    • ​Go to the Avalara Admin Console and manually adjust the invoice to remove the taxable and nontaxable items:
      • ​Go to Transactions > pull up transaction > click document code in blue > click Edit
      • Go to Lines
        • Line 1 Change amount to $0 > Select TaxAmount override > enter tax amount and reason > click OK
        • Line 2 Change amount to $0 > click OK
      • Go to Document > select Adjustment Reason 
      • Click Calculate Tax > Confirm  Amount: 0 Discount: 0 Taxable: 0 Non-Taxable: 0 Tax: Tax Amount entered
      • Click Save as Committed


Note: If you use QuickBooks reporting to show taxable and non-taxable sales, this method is not recommended. The sales will be inaccurate because non-taxable sales will be lower and taxable sales will be higher by the amount of these line items.