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Can we remove the description “Select this as a transaction’s tax to use AvaTax ST” from our QuickBooks invoices that Avatax has inserted?


We are seeing  “Select this as a transaction’s tax to use AvaTax ST” and 0.0% and 0.00 dollar amount. attributed to the sales tax item Total Avatax but the description is blank. We're not sure where it's coming from. This only happens when we have invoices that have no tax.




  • First double check that the description fields of your sales tax items Total Avatax and AVATAX are blank.
  • Once you've done that find the template of your invoice and open it.
  • Go to customize and then additional customization
  • Click the footer tab and make sure the box sales tax is NOT checked in for Print
  • Make sure you then restart QuickBooks and go back into the same template you modified and not a copy.
  • It should be gone now from your print preview and print outs.

*Note* if you're not seeing your change take please check the sales tax box in and then out again.




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