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Why is my old invoice in Quickbooks missing the previously calculated tax?


When trying to apply a payment to an old invoice, customer has paid full amount including tax but the invoice no longer shows any tax on it even though we have filed it and paid the sales tax on it.


Quickbooks all versions


  • If a document has been included in a tax filing by Avalara, on the Admin console the transaction will have a padlock icon on it indicating it is locked and no longer modifiable. If you attempt to edit within Quickbooks, it will update within Quickbooks but will not update the admin console document and because tax can not be returned, the tax line will be removed in Quickbooks.
  • You can restore the document to its original detail by adding a line item using the "part" of TotalAvatax and enter the original tax amount. If you can not find it in Quickbooks it will be available from the Admin console as the document is permanent and unchanged.
  • Once the tax has been added back in, save and close. It will error again as it still cannot update the admin console but the newly (re)added tax amount will stay in Quickbooks bringing the document back to original values.




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