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Why is AvaTax recalculating on old invoices in QuickBooks Online?


There are old invoices in our QBO environment that are suddenly making tax requests through AvaTax4QBO and we're not sure why.



QuickBooks Online


Inuit maintains records of transaction updates in CDC queue ( Change Data Capture ).

Our integration a.k.a Backend service pings this CDC for every 2 min and considered the last 2 min modified data for tax calculation or address validation.

From this CDC we only consider transactions of these type :

  • Invoice 
  • Sales Receipt
  • Estimate
  • Customer card ( Address validation)

Identified Events which will add entry in Intuit CDC :

  • New Transactions created.
  • Old transaction updated and saved.
  • Transactions imported in QBO account
  • Scheduled transactions executed in Intuit
  • Payments accepted on transactions ( Partial or Full ) 
  • Customer card new record or updates on existing
  • Note : We consider document date for any transaction for tax calculation.