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Why are there duplicate documents in Avalara from QuickBooks?


You see that there are some transactions in the admin console that have the same invoice number (last few digits) but the start of the document code is different. These are duplicates of existing invoices in your QuickBooks system, and you want to know why they are in there more than once.




  • When an old invoice number is used on a new document, the new document will be sent to the admin console with a unique document code, because that new document has its own QuickBooks document ID
    • The document code in the admin console is the QuickBooks document ID including the invoice number in QuickBooks
    • When a document is deleted in QuickBooks it does not void or delete the old invoice in Avalara
  • Direct your users not to delete invoices in QuickBooks, have them Void them instead.
    • If you use a program with QuickBooks that deletes the original when a change is made (SME Service Management Enterprise for example) then there is no way to prevent duplicates
  • To remove the duplicate invoice in the admin console, use the Reconcile tool in QuickBooks to find the duplicate, and then Void it in the admin console