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Why am I receiving the error: "CB-331: ticket parameter is invalid" in QuickBooks?


When trying to use QuickBooks and AvaTax, you are running into an error that says:

"CB-331: ticket parameter is invalid"


QuickBooks Desktop


  • This is a QuickBooks error that occurs if the SDK loses it's internal COM connection to QuickBooks, or QuickBooks, for some reason, kills the connection to AvaTax
  • This error can also occur if you do not log out of a Company File, before logging into another Company file
    • If you are using multiple companies, first log into the Company File utilizing AvaTax then log into your second Company File which is not using AvaTax
  • To resolve this error, close QuickBooks completely, stop your application and have it disconnect from QuickBooks
    • If you are using the Web Connector, return -1 to indicate an error and close the connection
    • Then pull up the Task Manager > Processes tab on your computer
      • End all the processes starting with "QB", "Intuit", "AV", "AvaTax", and "Avalara"
    • Now you will Right-click on the Quickbooks icon and choose Run as Administrator
      • Log in as the Admin User
      • Go to File > AvaTax > AvaTax Configuration > Test Connection button
  • If you can now access Quickbooks and AvaTax and did not receive an error from the Test Connection, you may continue working in Quickbooks.