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Why am I getting, "Error has occured [CB-296] - Index was outside the bounds of the array," after installing AvaTax for QuickBooks?


Upon first launch of QuickBooks, after installing the Avatax for Quickbooks Connector, users often encounter the following error:
Error has occured [CB-296]
Index was outside the bounds of the array.




  • This error is in reference to a value, not yet existing (positive or negative), with in the stored configuration for the "Tax Calculation Date" check-box.
    • This value is found on the Tax Calculation tab of the Configuration menu in Quickbooks (File > AvaTax > Configuration.)
  • This error can be resolved by pulling up the AvaTax configuration window, selecting the Tax Calculation tab, and clicking "OK" to close the window. 
    • Simply entering into this tab applies the checked or unchecked status into the config file.



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