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What is the Reconcile Tax option in AvaTax for Quickbooks?


Description of the Reconcile Tax option and how it may be used in AvaTax for Quickbooks



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When using the Reconcile Tax tool in Quickbooks:

  • File
  • Avatax
  • Reconcile Tax


You may encounter a status message "Missing in Quickbooks or Missing in AvaTax.

  • A "Missing in Quickbooks Status might happen if an invoice were deleted, re-numbered, or re-dated.
    • Deleting an invoice in Quickbooks does not update the Admin console as there is no save associated with delete and it leaves the document on the Admin console with a commited status
    • However, a VOID does require a save which will update the Admin console changing the doucument status to VOIDED and then will no longer appear in the reconciliation report.
    • Renumbering an invoice removes the original number in Quickbooks only. On the Admin console both documents remain.
    • The solution in these cases is to manually mark the document as void in the Admin Console. This removes the document ID value from being tested for in Quickbooks, and reconciling will proceed as normal.