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What does a DocStatus Error in QuickBooks mean?


QuickBooks is producing an error when AvaTax is calculating, saying the DocStatus is invalid.




This can happen for different reasons:

  • The transaction has been voided in the Admin Console. If you would like to make the invoice committed, you will have to save the invoice as uncommitted in the admin console and then you can calculate from QuickBooks. This will apply the new changes (if any) and update the transactions to be committed.
  • The transaction being saved/calculated is locked. This happens if we are filing for you, it is past the tenth of the current month, and the transaction was for a previous month. This transaction can no longer be modified on the Admin Console. If the transaction needs to be changed it may be best to do a credit memo for the transaction and then redo the invoice.
  • The communications with our service are backed-up and trying to go through slightly out-of-order. This can happen when running a batch process involving many invoices. To resolve this go to File->AvaTax->Configuration and select the Tax Calculation tab. Check "Ignore multiple events during 'Send Forms.'
  • Per the Admin Console - DocStatus is invalid means that the transaction is already on the Admin Console as a document.