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What are the Minimum User Permissions for QuickBooks?


You need to know what minimum user permissions are required for your users to be able to use Avalara AvaTax with QuickBooks and how to update them.




  • Open the user (Navigate to Company > Users > Set Up Users and Roles > Role List (tab). Select role, select Edit button, specify: Area & Activities)
    • Centers > Customer Center = Full
    • Lists > Item List = Partial, "View List"
    • Lists > Other Names List = Partial, "View List"
    • Lists > Sales Tax Code List = Partial, "View List"
    • Lists > Customer & Vendor Profile Lists > Customer Type List = Full
    • Lists > Customer & Vendor Profile Lists > Terms List = Partial, "View List"
    • Lists > Inventory Site List  = Full  (if using Advanced inventory) 
  • Changes to roles and permissions must be performed by a user with Administrator privileges.


Note: This list details the User Permissions settings required (at a minimum) to ensure that the AvaTax Connector functions correctly for a specified QuickBooks Desktop user or QuickBooks Desktop Group. Please note that this list only covers the necessary categories, not all categories. Access Levels defined are the minimum requirements. If a listing shows 'Partial', anything at or above that level will satisfy the permission needs. This list is applicable for QuickBooks Desktop 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and applies to all current versions of AvaTax Connectors.