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How do I use the Customer Tax Item Update Utility in QuickBooks?


You see a utility on the Tax Calculation tab "Customer Tax Item Update Utility" and want to know how it is used.




  • File > AVATAX > Configuration > Tax Calculation tab > Customer Tax Item Update Utility
  • You can use it to update all Customer records with the AVATAX tax item, causing that tax item to be selected by default each time you create a new document for each customer.  
  • Select a sub-set of Customers, sorted by either:
    • Display Name - first character
    • State
    • Country (note: requires all customers to have a country entered on their record before this section is active)
  • Upon completion of using this utility, a summary will be displayed with the details of each change.


Note: This feature can also be used to change all Tax Items to a different selection, if desired, such as a Non-AVATAX selection in the case of uninstalling the integration and wanting to revert to a previous Tax Item.