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How do I resolve a Status Code 3175 error in QuickBooks?


You recently updated QuickBooks and now get a "Status Code 3175" message when working with invoices.  Error states "There was an error adding, modifying or deleting "xxxxx" because it is already in use.  QuickBooks error message: The transaction could not be locked.  It is in use by another user."




  • This is a known issue and this is due to limitation of QuickBooks SDK which is not in Avalara's control and thus cannot be fixed.
    • This error occurs when two save events happen at the same time, triggering two AvaTax calculations simultaneously.
  • Close all the QuickBooks windows and then click on 'OK' button of Tax details window. Whenever any QuickBooks window is open the transaction is locked by QuickBooks.  Avalara doesn't have any control over it, thus AvaTax cannot modify the transaction.
  •  You cannot print or email an invoice before saving it in QuickBooks