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How do I remove the item description "Total Sales Tax Calculated by Avatax (ST)" on printed invoices within Quickbooks?


You want to know how to remove the item description “Total Sales Tax Calculated by Avatax” on printed invoices within QuickBooks Desktop after installing AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Desktop


  • Item lines display an extra description line on printed invoices (“Total Sales Tax Calculated by AvaTax”) and there is a 0.0% value within the Price Each column and a $0.0 amount within the “Amount” column.
  • In order to remove this extraneous item description:
    • Click Items and Services to open the Item list.
    • Manually search the item list for all items with AVATAX listed in the name field.
      • These items include: AVATAXAVATAX-POD, AVATAX-POS, AVATAX-BILLTO and Total Avatax
    • Double click each item to open and remove any item description found in the Description field
    • Close any open Items by clicking OK button. Then, close the item list.
  • In order to remove the 0.00% and $0.0 values found within the Price Each and Amount columns:
    • From an invoice, click the customize form option.
    • Modify the Footer tab so that sales tax appears on the printed invoice.
    • In the layout customizer, move the sales tax objects down so they are out of print range. A box displaying the sales tax and the tax amount separately appears.
    • Right-click these to access the properties and make the font white. It will also be necessary to make the border white, or to remove the border.

Note: The description line will be removed from any invoice created once the item changes have been completed. Any invoice created prior to deleting description lines within the Item List will still display the additional description.