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How do I remove (delete / void) an invoice in QuickBooks?


You want to know the recommended steps to delete or void invoices in AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop, ensuring that tax is correctly handled.


QuickBooks Desktop


  • There are two ways to remove an invoice from your records, including AvaTax records, ensuring that tax calculations & totals correctly reflect the removal.  Please note that these steps are not for Credits, or Credit Memos; these steps only apply to invoices that must be deleted / voided in order to remove them completely from your records.
    • Voiding: Voiding an invoice within QuickBooks updates the invoice record in QuickBooks Desktop and AvaTax.
      • To do so within QuickBooks Desktop, with the invoice open, select Edit > Void Invoice, and Save the invoice.  
    • Deleting: If the invoice must be deleted, as opposed to voided, go to Edit > Delete Invoice.  This deletes the record in AvaTax as well.