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How do I fix a corrupted Avalara folder for QuickBooks?


Your Avalara folder, which contains the Avalara configuration files and is located in the same directory as the QuickBooks company file, has become corrupted and needs to be recreated. This can occur by having multiple versions of AvaTax for Quickbooks installed, by Windows during updates, and other environmental causes. 




  • In QB go to File->Avatax->Configuration

    • copy down the Avatax credentials (you may need to hit edit to view them)

    • Take screenshots or note the settings in the other tabs.

  • Close QB

  • Go to where the QB company file is located

    • Open the Avalara folder and rename the folder for the company needed.
      • Do not delete this folder
  • Now open QB as normal
  • When Avatax pops up, click 'Sign In' and follow the steps outlined
    • Please note that only the first step where you enter the Avatax credentials is needed as the others have already been done. 
  • This will recreate the Avalara folder.