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How can I change the date of a transaction from QuickBooks?


You see a transaction is dated incorrectly in the Admin Console and need to update the date in both the Avalara service and QuickBooks.




  • Go to QuickBooks and pull up the transaction > change the date > click Save (if calculating from memorized transactions, go to error list to calculate)
    • If transaction in the Admin Console is locked (Avalara Tax Return already approved) you cannot edit the date, a new transaction must be entered and the incorrect sale must be returned.


Note: Transactions are permanently locked on the tenth of the month in approval of the Liability Worksheet, so the return filing can commence. If the transaction is for the period currently being reviewed for filing, you have approved the return, and it is before the tenth, you can contact to possibly have the approval removed, so the transactions would be available for editing. Example: Transactions in March are reviewed for filing in April, so you have until April 10 to possibly request for the approval to be removed, unlocking the transactions.