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How Do You Resolve the Error "ATS-291 Object variable or with Block Variable not Set"?


You are trying to calculate tax in QuickBooks but get "Error has occurred [ATS-291] Object variable or With block variable not set."




  • If there is a server install of AvaTax for Quickbooks
    • This error indicates something was missed in installation:
      • Re-install AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop on the server
      • Make sure to log into the server as the Admin User, run the AvaTax installer as Admin, then log into Quickbooks as Admin and complete the installation
    • If these steps do not resolve the error, this is a permission issue on the server.
      • Make sure Full Control is given to the Avalara folder for all Users and Groups
  • If this error occurs on a workstation
    • In Quickbooks, see if AvaTax is listed under the File menu
    • Then go to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences
      • Make sure only one version of AvaTax is installed
      • If there is more than one version of AvaTax, remove the older version
    • Then close Quickbooks and AvaTax and pull up the Task Manager
      • End all processes that contain QB, Quickbooks, Intuit, Ava, AXLBridge
    • On the workstation, pull up a Windows Explorer and go to C:\
      • Right Click on the Avalara folder
      • Go to the Security Tab and press Edit
      • Make sure all Users and Groups have Full Control over the Avalara folder
    • Restart Quickbooks as Admin, log in as Admin
      • See if the AvaTax box pops up
      • Then go to File > AvaTax > Configuration > Press the Test Connection button


Note: In AvaTax for Quickbooks version 81 and 82 this is a known error. If you have tried all steps above and the error is still present, upgrade to the latest connector.

Next steps

For more information, read install and configure AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop





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