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How Do I Download the AvaTax Integration for Quickbooks?


We have received word that an update is available for our Avatax for Quickbooks Integration.  When it becomes available, where do we go to download our updated integration?


Quickbooks (All Desktop Versions).


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  • The connector is available in the Get Started tab of your Admin Console.

QuickBooks Download Step 1.png


  • After clicking "3. Download and install your integration software" you should see the following window:

QuickBooks Download Step 2.png


  • Once you click the download software button you should be able to click the QuickBooks drop down menu and select your connector. 

QuickBooks Download Step 3.png


  • Now you should see the connector downloading to your machine locally as a zipped folder:

QuickBooks Download Step 4.png


  • Once you've completed these steps you should then extract the files to your machine and double click the executable to install the integration.





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