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Why is the tax rule I made not being used?


You created a rule that isn't being used when I make a transaction when it should be.


Avalara Avatax


  • All rule settings must be present in the transaction for the tax rule to apply:
    • Tax region (Whichever rule is created to apply in)
    • Date
    • Tax code (if present in rule)
    • Entity Use Code (if present in rule)
  • Review other rules to see if another custom rule is overriding the rule in question:
    • When another tax rule exists that has the same selections made, and is more specifically tied to your transaction (example, there is a rule with the same settings that also has a tax code, whereas your rule has no tax code listed) then that other rule is being applied to the sale instead.


Note: When making tax rules specific to an item be sure to map the rule to the code that Item is passing.

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