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How does AvaTax handle freight taxes?


You would like to know how AvaTax processes freight taxes.




  • Regulations on freight and handling vary on a state-by-state basis
    • Freight can also be taxed differently based on whether it is freight related to shipping on a company truck versus a common carrier like UPS or FED EX.  
  • AvaTax has built-in functionality to handle standard freight (FOB Destination) on a common carrier. The AvaTax service is designed to look for one of two tax codes.
    • FR: The default freight code in most AvaTax connectors and is passed as a tax code with amounts entered into the freight field. If FR is sent to AvaTax, the standard Freight On-Board (FOB) destination rules for a particular state are applied.
    • FR020100: This code is essentially the same as FR, but it is the actual tax code that is programmed into the AvaTax System. It represents standard Freight On-Board (FOB) destination.
  • We offer a larger selection of tax codes that allow for more flexibility. These tax codes account for differences from state to state dealing with specific types of shipping.

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For more information, see manage product taxability.

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