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Why are Avalara system tax codes taxing differently than expected?


You are using Avalara tax codes but the tax results do not match your expectations.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Avalara system tax codes can change taxability with each monthly update, and also be customized to use particular taxability in your account, review the following:
    • Go to Organization > Tax Rules > for Filter By choose Tax Code > type tax code in Value > click Magnifying Glass Icon
      • If any rules show, those rules are overriding the Avalara system rules, delete or change any rule that is causing the issue
    • Go to Organization > Tax Codes > type tax code in Tax Code > click Magnifying Glass Icon
      • If you have any custom tax codes that match Avalara system tax codes, edit it to make it unique
    • Go to and search for the tax code to see if a change has been made in our newest Release Guide
  • If you find no custom rules, no custom tax codes, and there was no change made by Avalara detailed in a recent release guide, please contact Avalara Technical Support for further assistance.


Note: After you make changes to tax rules or tax codes, you must re-calculate tax to see the transaction updated. Transactions created after the changes will include the updated information automatically.