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Why Is My Pro Code Taxability Being Overridden?


You're seeing that an AvaTax system tax codeHoverTT.png is not taxing how it should be.




  • Pro Code taxability can be overridden by three main causes:
    • Tax rules: Check the tax rules section in the Admin Console for any rules associated to the Pro Code or custom code.
    • Custom tax codes: If the AvaTax System Tax Code was created in the Admin Console as a custom code, the Admin Console sees the it as a custom code. Even though it looks exactly like an AvaTax System Tax Code, the system treats it like any other custom code - taxing it fully. In this case, simply map items directly to the AvaTax system tax codes
    • ERP Mapping:  Items may be mapped to within the ERP. This may result in broken behavior.

Next steps

For more information, see manage product taxability.

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