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Where can I find the Tax Codes for clothing?


You do business in a state that has special taxability for clothing, such as New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts. To make sure you properly tax your items in AvaTax, you need to find the AvaTax Tax Codes for clothing.


Avalara AvaTax


  • The System Tax Codes can be found 
    • On the Admin Console for download:
      • Go to the Organization Tab
      • Click on Items
      • Click on Import
      • Click on Download
    • In the Pro ToolKit, found here
      • Go to the header 'Search for an Avalara Tax Code' 
      • In the second paragraph, click the link for 'Toolkit'
    • In the Taxcode Search site here
  • Most of the clothing codes will begin with PC03XXXX, for Business to Business sales, and PC04XXXX, for Business to Customer sales






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