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Where Can I Find Tax Code Descriptions?


You want to find a description of the AvaTax System Tax Codes in order to better understand which one to select.




  • A list of all AvaTax System Tax CodesHoverTT.png are available in the following locations:
    • The Tax Code Search Tool gets you started. You can use this search page to find the Avalara codes that determine the taxability of the goods and services you sell.
    • A list of them is available to download in the AvaTax System Tax Codes Toolkit
    • In the Admin Console, on the Organization tab, click Tax Codes. In the Category field, select AvaTax and then click the Search icon. A list of tax codes are displayed, Use the arrows at the bottom of the window to navigate through the list.

Next steps

For more information about how these tax codes work and recommendations on selecting the correct code, read Select AvaTax system tax codes. To learn how to map your items to tax codes in the Admin Console, read map items to tax codes.

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