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How can I determine if a tax code is expired?


For example if tax code SS050000 has the note of Expired Tax Code - Do Not Use. Does that mean all of the tax codes under it are also expired such as SS050200?


Avalara AvaTax


  • Go to Organization Company Tax Codes
    • Select the Tax Code type "AvaTax" instead of "Custom"
    • Click the Magnifying glass icon to search
    • Note: To help narrow your search type a description.  For example, type "Medical" to see all Medical related tax codes.

  • Enter the desired tax code.  If the code is listed then the tax code is still available for use.
  • Expired tax code will default to our taxable tax code P0000000
    • Expired tax codes are documented within our monthly maintenance updates which can be found here:

Avalara AvaTax Maintenance Updates