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How to find charges that are missing tax codes in Zuora?


The AvaTax integration with Zuora relies on every line having a taxationitem record and if one doesn't exist, that means the line is missing a tax code on the charge it corresponds to. You want to find exactly which lines are missing tax codes, and the Product's Rate Plan's Charge where it needs to be corrected.




  • Use the billrun notification that indicates invoices were canceled due to missing taxationitems:
    • In another window or tab, go to Reports > select Go to Data Exports​
      • Choose Data Source "Billing Run"
      • Find the taxationitem.csv and invoiceitem.csv files that correspond to the bill run.
      • Download and open up those files, comparing them you will see that the taxationitem.csv file has fewer rows.
      • The rows that are missing from it correspond to the lines we need to track down.
    • Go to the bill run in Zuora and look at the invoice that was canceled
      • Find the specific charge using the invoice number in the taxationitem.csv and then count until you find an amount that is skipped.
    • After identifying a line, the name of the line will be the charge name. You can click on it to see the rate plan, and product it belongs to.
    • Search through the products, rate plans, and charges to edit the specific one(s) that need modification.