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How do IIA's get processed in the new Zuora integration?


The new Zuora integration doesn't have a way to handle calculating Invoice Item Adjustments in real-time yet. Tax calculations are still needed on IIA's.




  • IIA’s can be processed in the newer Zuora integration using essentially the same page that you use with the older Avalara-built integration.
  • The newer Zuora integration doesn’t use any other components from our middle-man server.
    • It is able to use this though. As listed above, the URL is different.
    • Since it is a different URL, a different security token must be created.
      • You can do that from
      • Even though it has “sandbox” in the URL, this is intended to be used by both production and development systems. I believe we already had this domain registered, so our developers used it.
      • This is supposed to be a temporary solution until Zuora has IIA’s calculating tax in real-time.