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Why are customers using Magento name and client ID not being recognized as exempt?


You want to know why customers that have an exemption created in CertCapture are not being exempt in your Magento sales.



Avalara CertCapture


  • A customer code must match exactly on the exemption certificate and the Magento transaction
    • You must use either Customer Name, Email Address, or Magento ID as your customer number
    • Using Customer Name with Magento ID results in an unusable customer number, due to the formatting differences
  • Review certificate, confirm:
    • Sale and certificate are in the same state
    • Sale is dated during the certificate active period (between signed and expiration date)
  • Once you have verified customer number and certificate detail matches exactly, check that the exemption in Avalara CertCapture has no errors:
    • Go to CertCapture and pull up the Certificate (Search > Certificate Search) and go to the History tab of the Certificate
      • If the most recent message is not API call initiated for certificate: Success. review error and resolve as appropriate