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Why is the sales order and invoice showing different tax amount in NetSuite?


You reviewed the tax details on the sales order/invoice and noticed the tax amount is different.



NetSuite OneWorld


  • Ensure the Origin address and Destination address are the same on both the Sales Order and Invoice
    • The Sales Order may have a different Location/Warehouse selected than the Invoice  
      • If using Locations and Warehouses on the line item ensure the correct location/warehouse is selected
    • Ensure the item/tax code is the same on both Sales Order and Invoice.
      • In NetSuite, go to Lists > Accounting > Items.
      • Select the appropriate item from the list and click Edit
      • On the item page, go to AvaTax tab and add the following details:
        1. AvaTax Tax Code: Contains product taxability information captured by AvaTax. If you leave the field blank, AvaTax for NetSuite doesn't automatically change the taxability of the customer transactions.