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Why is tax not calculating in NetSuite on web store interface?


You are using either Site Builder or SuiteCommerce Advanced with your NetSuite instance and taxes are not calculating at any point during checkout. 


NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite Basic


  • PER-LINE TAXES ON TRANSACTIONS must be enabled in the Accounting settings.

    • In NetSuite, navigate to Setup > Accounting > Setup Taxes

    • Once enabled, create a brand new sales order/invoice. Do not copy an existing order.

  • In addition to the above, if using SuiteCommerce enable 'Scriptable Cart and Checkout'.

    • In NetSuite go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site > Setup and check Scriptable Cart and Checkout.

    • When this option is turned on, all the SuiteScripts will be executed by NetSuite. The  'AVA_Transaction_Client '(Client script) will be triggered on the transaction when "Scriptable Cart and Checkout" is enabled.

  • If you still face an issue, update your Avalara bundle.

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