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Why is Netsuite sending my items over as non-taxable even though they are not mapped to a tax code?


My transactions have line items that show NT in admin console. However they are not mapped to the tax code NT, not mapped to a tax code at all, or are mapped to a different tax code




  • If the "Default TaxCode To" in the Avalara configuration (Tax Calculation tab) is blank. Ensure it's set to 'New and Existing Customer(s)'.
  • This can happen if your item also happens to be mapped as a Tax Schedule
    • Check Setup > Accounting > Tax Schedules
  • If your item is also mapped here as a product and it's set to be non-taxable for nexus in a specific state, Netsuite will override your item mapping and send AvaTax  "NT" for the item/product in the specified state.

TaxSchedules Netsuite.png


Tax schedule ns2.png



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