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Why is "Billable Time" coming over for my item name when that is not the name of my item?


In NetSuite OneWorld, you have an item that records billable time for the invoice. The item name is coming over as "Billable Time" but that is not the name of your item.


NetSuite OneWorld


  • Check the AvaTax Configuration.
  • On "General Settings" tab,  the Billable Time field has two options
    • Billable Time: This setting will make all billable time line items pass with an item code of “Billable Time.” There will be no differentiating between Billable Time items on Avatax transaction records.
      • Note if this option is selected any tax code mapping in Netsuite on your items marked as billable time will not come over either. 
    • Item Name: This setting will make Billable Time items pass with their Netsuite Item Name/Number as the Item value within the Avtax Admin Console.
      • Tax code mapping from Netsuite will work as normal.