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Why are transactions not posting to AvaTax using Approval workflow in NetSuite?


You are approving transactions via a workflow in NetSuite but transactions are not posting to AvaTax.



NetSuite Basic

NetSuite OneWorld




Add our Workflow script (AVA_CommitApprovedTransaction) to your Approval workflow.

  • In NetSuite, go to Customization-> WorkFlow-> Open the workflow (invoice approval) in Edit mode
  • Double Click (Open) on 'Approve' State
  • Click the 'New Action' button under the Actions section
  • Select 'AVA_CommitApprovedTransaction (Custom)' action
  • Under 'Trigger On'  dropdown select 'After Record Submit'
  • Under 'Contexts' dropdown select 'User Event Script'
  • Click Save

Invoices will be posted to AvaTax through workflow only if "ALLOW WORKFLOW APPROVAL FOR POSTING" under Tax Calculation tab in Avalara Configuration is enabled and AVA_CommitApprovedTransaction script is applied to the workflow. No need to Edit and Save the invoice once approved.

If the "ALLOW WORKFLOW APPROVAL FOR POSTING" option in Avalara configuration ('Tax Calculation' tab) is unchecked, then invoices will be posted to AvaTax regardless of Invoices being approved.