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Why are Automatic CashSales not calling out to Avalara Avatax through Netsuite?


We automate the creation of cash sales in Netsuite by the order fulfillment field. We have noticed that these auto-created cash sales do not call out to Avalara AvaTax. However if we simply open them up and manually calculate tax,  it works fine.




  • This is expected behavior.

  • If you create cash sales through user event scripts on the back end, Netsuite will not call out to Avalara AvaTax 

    • This is due to Netsuite's architecture.

    • User event scripts cannot be executed by other user event scripts or by workflows with a Context of User Event Script (you can not chain user event scripts)

  • You can however execute a user event script from a call with a Netsuite scheduled script, portlet script, scriptlet, or Suitelet.

    • The above are the only work around to this scenario.