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Why am I getting the notification "This Document has not used AvaTax Services?"


After finalizing a transaction, an error message that says, "This Document has not used AvaTax Services," is under the Soap results.




  • This warning message will appear by default, when saving a transaction where AvaTax has not been used as the tax code/tax schedule.
    • This message is the result of not selecting the tax code of "AVATAX" on your Netsuite document.
    • A bundle update In Netsuite may be needed.
      • Please check the current version. If not on the latest version, update bundle version and try again.
  • If no calculation is desired, no action is necessary.
    • If calculation is desired, simply select an AVATAX tax code, or the native tax code -Not Taxable- and save the document.
    • If you do not wish to use Avatax and want the warning message to not appear, you can disable warnings in your AvaTax configuration in NetSuite by selecting "only errors" in the appropriate checkbox.