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Which transactions require review in NetSuite Reconciliation batch?


You want to know which transactions you need to focus on in review of a Reconciliation batch in NetSuite.




  • Focus on transactions Only AvaTaxOnly NetSuite, AvaTax and Custom Record​, or NetSuite and Custom Record​:
    • Review transactions and confirm the mismatch is intended.
    • Transactions should usually show in both systems, exceptions are manually entered transactions for Use tax, and transactions that did not use Avalara in NetSuite intentionally.
  • Check to confirm that amounts on transactions match in both Avalara and NetSuite when shown as  AvaTax and NetSuite, or AvaTax, NetSuite, and Custom Record
  • Reconciled transactions do not require review, they are in all locations and the amounts match exactly
  • Only Custom Record transactions do not require review, they were voided or deleted in both Avalara and NetSuite, this is not possible to complete in Custom Record