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Where can I configure how Netsuite handles Discounts?


I wish to configure AvaTax Netsuite to handle discounts on either Net (Pre-tax) or Gross (Post-tax). I need to know where this might be configured in the AvaTax for Netsuite options.




To Access and adjust the Tax Calculation settings related to Avalara Tax calculations in Netsuite.

  • Click on the Avalara tab.
  • Proceed through configuration (by clicking on Next) assistant to step 3 "Tax Calculation Settings".
  • Under the Discount Mapping header select either "Net Amount (for Pre-tax)" or "Gross Amount (for Post-tax) calculations.File:kb/001/Where_can_I_configure_how_Netsuite_handles_Discounts?/Netsuite_Discount_mapping_Net_v_Gross.JPG
  • Proceed on through steps 4 & 5 of the configuration to save changes.






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