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What should I choose when setting the “Default Tax Code To” value in Avatax Configuration for Netsuite?


What tax code should I choose when setting up a customer in Netsuite?


Avalara Avatax

Netuite (Oneworld and Basic)


  • New and Existing Customer(s): Any customer record that is saved will have its current Tax item replaced with the AvaTax Default Tax Code
    • Customers who wish to calculate tax within a Netsuite webstore, or who are sending all transactions to AvaTax for calculation, must choose this option.
  • Only New Customer(s): All newly created customer records will have the AvaTax Default Tax Code assigned to them.
  • Only Existing Customer(s):  During creation of a new customer record, there will not be a Tax Item value assigned. Any customer record which is saved once creation has finished will then have the Default tax Code assigned.
  • NULL: Leaving this field blank means that the Tax item field will not be affected when saving transactions.
    • This is the default setting.
  • If you do not want a invoice to reach to the Admin Console and have AvaTax calculate tax, then select another value for the tax code.