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What can I do about conflicts with AVA scripts in NetSuite?


You have a custom workflow in NetSuite and there are conflicts or errors occurring with the AVA scripts.



NetSuite OneWorld


  • Always have the "AVA" scripts execute last
  • By default, the AvaTax bundle scripts are executed last

    • This is a standard "good neighbor" practice to avoid conflicts during installation

  • Sometimes in customization (after initial installation) of AvaTax, your system administrator may move other scripts to the end, thus causing conflicts

    • Changing the order of script execution doesn't affect AvaTax functionality, but moving our script before other steps in your custom workflow prioritizes tax calculation (address validation, etc.) which can cause conflicts. For example, if your custom workflow fills the information our service requires to calculate tax after our script is triggered, you will see errors.

  • See a list of NetSuite scripts installed with the AvaTax bundle.

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