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What are the Saved Searches added to Netsuite by the AvaTax integration?


After installing AvaTax for Netsuite, you see several new Saved Searches. They all begin with AVA... and you would like to know what they do



Netsuite Basic

Netsuite Oneworld


  • There is no list that describes what each AVA Saved Search is for 

    • This is done because the descriptions of the reports identify the exact entry that the search will display

    • All the AVA Saved Searches will correspond to the AvaTax script of the same name

      • For example, AvaEntityUseCodes will produce a report that shows all Entity Use Codes used 

  • These Saved Searches added by the AvaTax integration are not a commonly used feature of the AvaTax integration

    • However, they cannot be removed from the Saved Search list

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