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What Drives a invoice to be taxable in Netsuite?


You want to know what fields in Netsuite to check that alters taxability in Netsuite.


  • Netsuite One World


  • In Netsuite
    • Under Avalara > Setup > Configure Avalara
      • Under the Tax Calculation tab
      • Make sure  the following is not checked Disable Tax Calculation/For Quotes/For Sales Orders respectively.
    • Go to List > Relationships > customers > Edit a customer in question
      • Verify on the Address Tab
        • The Entity use code field is not populated
      • Verify on the Finance Tab
        • The customer is marked as Taxable
        • The Tax item is set to Avatax
      • Verify on the Avatax tab
        • The  Exemption Certificate No. is not filled out
    • On the Invoice
      • On the line there is a check box call "Tax"
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