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Permissions in Netsuite to view AvaTax tabs


What are the necessary permissions to view the Avatax Tabs in Netsuite?




Permissions for the different section of the AVATAX Center tab in Netsuite are controlled in the “Custom Center Tabs” window. (filepath: SETUP→ Customization→ Center Tabs ) 
There are two versions of the Avatax Center tab, depending on your role: the “Classic center” and the “Accounting center.” 

There are two possible scenarios which could explain why this admin does not have access: 

A) The user is an Admin on the “Classic center” and permissions need to be adjusted within the Audience tab of the Classic center custom center tab 
1. Click EDIT in the Classic center line of the Custom Center Tabs window 
2. Switch to the “Audience” subtab 
3. Change permissions as required 

B) The user is an Admin in the “Accounting center” only, and we need to add the “View” section to the Accounting center 
1. Click EDIT in the Accounting center line of the Custom Center Tabs window 
2. Within the Content Subtab, add a Category called “View” by typing in the blank and hitting “add” 
3. Examine the “Audience” subtab and verify that permissions are set correctly for the user to access 


Next steps 

For more information, see How do I grant permissions to AvaTax menus to non Administrator roles?



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