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How to handle discounts in Netsuite?


You need to use discounts in Netsuite which are passed to Avalara AvaTax.


NetSuite Basic


  • There are distinct ways to apply discounts in NetSuite, each is shown in Avalara AvaTax differently:
    • A discount line can be added as a line below another line on a sales document.
      This method of discounting will reduce the line above by the specified amount before AvaTax gets the original line amount. The discount line will not appear in AvaTax.
    • A discount on the document can be applied by selecting a Discount Item (normally above the lines on the Items tab, field entitled 'Discount Mapping").
      • The Discount Type: Net Amount, will allow a discount of a percentage on all lines marked to be discounted (defaulted to all) by the specified percentage.
      • In AvaTax, this will be shown as a discount, using the AvaTax discount field.
    • The Discount Type: Gross Amount, will discount the specified amount from the whole document.
      • In AvaTax, this will be shown as a single line.
      • The tax code can be specified in the Avalara settings in NetSuite on the tax calculations settings, in the Discount Tax Code field.



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