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How do we tie our Netsuite tranasctions to our Doc Codes in the Admin Console?


How do we reconcile our transactions between Netsuite and the Avatax Admin Console when Avatax does not use the Netsuite Invoice number as the document code?



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The Admin Console does not use the invoice ID in Netsuite (due to the fact that Netsuite invoice numbers can be reused which would cause a conflict in the admin console),  but rather the internal document ID (which never repeat).  This data however is still passed in the reference code field in the admin console.  In order to reconcile Netsuite with the Admin Console doc codes you can use two different methods.


1.  Run a report in Netsuite which shows both the invoice number and internal document ID. 

2  Use the Export Reports>Document Export report which will export all of the transaction data, including the reference code field.  The Reference Code is exported into column "Q" of the Document Export report.