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How do I set up Canadian taxes in Netsuite?


You have set up a Canada entity in Avalara and need to assign settings within Netsuite so that the data will flow through to AvaTax.


Netsuite OneWorld



  • First, create two Canadian tax codes. Within NetSuite, go to Setup Accounting Tax Codes  New
    • The first code should be AVATAX-GST. The other should be AVATAX-PST
    • Create both with 0.0% tax rates
      • For the PST tax code, select any Province 
  • Second, create a new Canadian Tax Group. Go to Setup Accounting > Tax Groups  New
    • Name this new tax group AVATAX-CAN
    • Set the tax rate to 0.0%
    • Map the GST and PST tax codes to the tax group
  • Last, set the default tax code to AVATAX-CAN. Go to Setup Accounting > Setup Taxes 

Next steps 

For more information, see Create Tax Codes for Canada.




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