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How do I resolve 'You need the Lists Locations permission to access this page' in NetSuite?


You are trying to save a transaction but received 'Error: “Permissions violation: You need the ‘Lists Locations’ permission to access this page'.




If you are using Locations in NetSuite: 

  • Add location permission to non admin role. Check with your NetSuite Admin.  

If you don't want to use Locations in NetSuite:

  • In NetSuite, disable 'Locations'. Go to, 'Setup' > 'Company' > 'Enable Features' > 'Locations'.
  • Navigate to Avalara Setup Configure AvaTax
    • Go to the Tax Calculation tab
    • Place a checkmark in the 'Disable Location Code' checkbox
  • Click 'Save'.

Note: The location in NetSuite is used as the origin address by default in NetSuite. This means AvaTax reads either the header level location field, or line level location field if present, and uses it for tax calculation. Some businesses do not associate addresses with their locations, or use addresses not associated with the origin of a transaction and wish for the company's main address to be used as the origin, so turning off locations is necessary to calculate tax with a custom address.